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Update on my new puppy :)

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Hi all. Shes now just over 9 weeks old now. I cant believe ive had her over a week! We've called her Melys (prounounced Melis), which means sweet in Welsh. She is such a good girl and has settled in here very well. She sleeps at night in her playpen in the kitchen. The first 3 nights she cried like mad and it was so hard not to go and get her, but as i want her to sleep there at night i had to not go down. She stopped crying after the first 3 nights and even if i go into the kitchen at night and put the light on she seems to know her routine and is quiet till morning. I cant believe shes settled in so much. She had her first vaccine on Tuesday and was ok at first but then wanted to sleep. I couldnt settle all night as i worried about her, but when i checked on her early the next morning she was like a little Tazmanian devil with a helicopter tail, waiting for me to pick her up :lol: . I and all my family really do love her so much, and i already cant imagine my life without her. :)
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Melys is SUCH a cutie!! I'm glad the first week has went so well. :)
Glad things are going great for you. :) She is so adorable!
awwww glad everything is going well she is a real cutie reminds me of my paris
she has been doing great but today she has been a bit sick and has the poops but it may just be as iv wormed her again like vet said and she has had her jab bet your having great fun with your pup how is she love her name
Yes i bet its the worming and jab. Glad shes ok :D Oh im having such fun with Mel shes so loving and so funny sometimes. Its weird seeing a dog so small go mad with excitement when she sees me :lol:
i know its great mine do that its strange to see something so small get so excited jake is the worst his tail dont stop wagging and he is a proper little mummys boy but i think its great when they get that close there is a real bond then
Adore the name! She is a little beauty! Bet your so proud!
Oh she's gorgeous. She has that same look in her eyes Marcus had as a baby. "here I am, don't you just love me?"
I can't believe her coloring matchs so close to what our Fritzy looked like as a puppy, espcially around the eyes. Even though she doesn't have the white in her coat, take a look and see what you think.
They do have similar coloring around the eyes. She is just gorgeous. Looking at all these pic of long hair chis is making me want one. :)
oh how beautiful!!!!!!! Got a lovely little angelic face!!! butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!! lol
What a doll and it sounds like she is doing very well :D
Awww Fritzy is so cute! Yes the colouring is very similar isnt it :D
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