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Update on Poppy's patches!

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This morning I took Poppy to the vet so that he could have alook at the thinning patches on her back.
he had a good look and then took a scrape and afew of the hairs and had a look at them under the microscope.
It turns out she doesnt have mange....PHEW!
What she does have is a fungal infection. Lord knows how she got it, because she doesnt go out yet, at least not to walk on the ground, and my house is clean! But he said that it is an airbourne thing, so she could have picked it up anywhere. He gave me a special shampoo to use on her once a week for a month and some oil to put on her food. he also said that Chi's are notorious for their skin problems.
As soon as I got home I bathed Pops (she wasnt impressed!) and she isnt scratching so much.I changed all her bedding and washed all her clothes...I will keep an eye on her to see if the thinning improves.
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Good thing it wasn't mange!! I hope Poppy heals soon! :wave:
I am glad to hear that it wasn't mange either. At least you caught the problem early and are able to treat it right away before it got to bad. Hopeful Poppy will be feeling better soon.
I'm glad Poppy got some relief. We haven't had any skin problems yet (cross my fingers).
So glad it wasn't mange. Hope you are better soon Poppy :D
I am so happy for you and Poppy that it wasn't mange!!!!!!!!!
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