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Well Peppy had his last trip with the Behaviouralist last week. This time Toby came along so I could learn how to train them together.
Seperatley, Toby is the most well behaved dog (Peppy is getting there :wink: ) but together they are the TERRIBLE TWOSOME :evil:
But now I can walk them together :D :D They walk side by side and have stopped going beserk when they see another dog. Im stoked!
Peppy is getting better every day. He is between crates at the moment as we had to give the one we borrowed back, but I do have one for him I just gotta fix it up a bit.

Anyways here are some pics from our walk on Saturday. I live down the road from a river and there is a nice pathway I like to walk to dogs on! ENJOY :D

Peppy waiting patiently for me to recover from my run so he can go on his walk.

Practising Sitting while on a lead. Peppy still has grasped the fact that he is meant to stay sitting until I tell him otherwise. He lasts a whole 5 seconds so far :lol: :roll:

Checking out the other walkers whilst waiting for my little bro and his friend to catch up

All Tangled up!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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