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Update on Yoda's Collapsing trachea!

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Well the new vet said she doesnt think that is what it is! :D

She thinks its a cold in his chest. She gave him two different meds. His cough has reduced a lot. I'm so happy you dont even know...

Thanks for the prayers everyone! :lol:
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I am so happy that it is just a cold.. get well yoda
Great news!! Sending Yoda lots of get well wishes. :)
that is the best news :D
Thats great! I guess its good to get a second opinion when it comes to vets too. :)
great news. Hang in there
Aw! Poor Yoda! I hope he gets better.
oh I"m sorry to hear that Yoda's been sick. He's such a cutie. Torie, Binki, and I send our wishes, prayers, and love his way.
Phew...glad Yoda doesn't have the collapsable trachea, but I'm sorry to hear he's sick. Hope the meds help and he gets well soon. :D
that's great !! i hope he gets better soon

kisses nat
ah the power of a good veterinarian ;)

do you call him yo yo? i love his lil name yoda, i would have so many different nicknames for him though lol!
We call him

Chee Chee
sweet pea
Yoda Boda
That's great news!! I'm glad that you went to that other vet!
Glad to hear it was nothing serious!!! Yoda is such a cute little guy!! :D
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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