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Updated - Darling Diva Halter

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Just wanted you to see what the dress looked like with the bow added to it. I liked it with out one, but after seeing it done, I like it both ways.....
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Here it was without the bow..... which to you like better???
Shoot it won't let me post anymore..... I forgot how to go back and delete old pics to free it up.... Anyone know how?????
OH, now it works!! GEEZ - I am so confused!!! :shock:
hehe i was just looking at my email and send you a pm about how i liked the dresses and that they are even better than before :D and then i see this post :D

i guess you are now deleting old pics?? :wink:

kisses nat
Acutally I didn't delete anything... just thought I would try again with that last post - not sure why it worked??? LOL
maybe you reached your maximum upload quota ??? i thought that so that's why i said you were probably deleting old pics :wink:

kisses nat
Traci those are fab I love it better with the Bow it just finishes it off a bit for me - but I love it plain aswel :lol:
Where do I go to delete pics - its said I had reached my quota...???
Thanks, by the way!!! :lol:

do you guys know how to add the siggy and avatar to my posts....
I tried adding the avatar but it said it was too big and I have no clue as how to get the siggy added... HELP!!!!
I love that bow you put on it... That totally made it look complete....
:D GREAT JOB! :wink: I like it with the bow...

To erase your pics it would be easier if (if you're on the red skin) you switch to the blue skin for this...go look at one of your posts and click on the little button that says profile...that will take you to a quick ref section of yourself where there is an option to look to all your pics and erase the ones you want. Hope i'm not too can switch back to the red skin after.. :wink:

To post your siggy follow this...scroll down a bit.. :wink:
Wooo HOOOO It worked!!!!! Thank you, Thank YOU

The only problem I have now.... is that the avatar is to big and I can't seem to resize it....
i can resize it for you tomorrow at work :wink:

kisses nat
Your a gem, Nat - but I finally got it sized down enough!!! Thanks, though!
I think it's pretty both ways...but I would want the bow. I love the *foo foo* look you know! :wink: :lol:
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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