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Updated - Lime Green Daisy Dress

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I love this lime green daisy material. The first one I made with this material came out pretty bad. I think this one is much better. This looks so cute on Mia, too. Just love the bright colors!
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i remember that one :D looks as good as the first one though :wink:

kisses nat
Here is a pic of the first one - not done as well - lol
I love it! Traci, you rock!! :wave:
This one is like a million times better than the first one! The white ruffle looks way better than the yellow! You've come such a long way in such a short time! Your designs are better, your colors are better, your construction is better... everything.

I love the lime green too. Lily tends to look all washed out in pastels but she really comes alive in vibrant summer colors (lime, turquoise, orange, red, etc.). I believe she's about to become the proud owner of a hot pink polka dot harness dress with matching leash. Woo woo!!!! :D :D :D
WOW! That's great! I think it looks way better than the first one! You learned how to make these perfectly so fast!!!!
you never cease to amaze me! THAT HARNESS IS AMAZING!
:oops: Thanks, guys! :oops:

Yes, Lily is going to get her new dress & leash very soon! Can't wait to see her in it!!
you're right's much better now...... :wink:

kisses nat
You are SO good at making those!! Seriously....I'm always curious what your going to make next ...hehe :D
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