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Updated photos of adopted dogs!

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Since I update here often about my new fosters, I figured I should also pass on the news when I hear how they are coming along in their new homes. (And yes I do have permission to post, these are all from my own FB album.=) )

Whenever I need some relaxation/down time, I take the effort to look through these; and it reminds me why I do what I do. You should recognize all the dogs if you've seen my other posts. =D

Bogie, now known as Cruzer, with his big brother.

Skippy living the life of luxury...

Athena AKA Atty, now a spoiled princess...

Ziggy, dozing off at his new home on a ranch...

With his big bro..

Doc, formerly Capone!

Zak snuggling with his older chi brother...

Little ole' Pluto.. now named Piater!

Believe it or not this is baby Sprocket! His name is Roux now and he's growing up.

LOVE this shot... this is Tulip, living the spoiled life she deserves.

And lastly, Frankie now known as "Marcos" snuggled with his new brother.

That's all for now. =) I'll keep this thread updated as I get new ones in of them. Thanks for looking!
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this has made me smile and be so happy! finally them poor babies are living the life they should of in the first place! :D x
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