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Hi all :wave:

I am the mother of Wiz (named after my favorite movie, The Wiz, he looks a lot like the Lion). Wiz is 7 weeks old, has a long coat, white chest and green eyes. He weighs a pound and is insanely friendly. He is my first pet and I look forward to learning as much as I can from the seasoned owners and novices on this site.

Edited to Add:

Here are a few links to his pics:

Ignore the calamine lotion on my arm, I don't actually have a skin disorder, lol.
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I made your intro its own thread so people will see it, the other was more of an announcement....

Glad to have you here :wave:
Hello & welcome Would love to see pics of your baby :wave:
Hi and welcome! :wave: Looking forward to seeing some pics of your darling boy. He sounds beautiful. :)
:wave: Welcome to the board! Your little guy sounds absolutely stunning! Green eyes and a long coat! You have to post some pictures!
Welcome!! :wave:
hiya and welcome to the forum its great here so hope you have a great time and enjoy it loads :wave:
Hello and a big welcome to you and Wiz! :wave:
welcome! Can wait to see pictures of your baby. This is a great place to learn lots of Chi stuff! :)

Thanks to everyone for making me feel at home. I don't have a digital cam or a scanner but my sister does so pictures should be up shortly.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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