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i was speaking to someone the other day who said that she only vaccinates her chihuahua every 3 years, because its not neccessary to vaccinate every year and that often it makes them poorly. I dont know what to think about this. Anyone got any ideas or does anyone else do this?
Chalotte :wave:
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this is up to you some people dont vaccinate after the first course - but I always give mine their yearly boosters as I just wouldnt want too risk it :wave:
i do as my veterinarians does with their petsn ot what they recomend me to do but what he actually does.... :wave: and that is yearly.
If they are older like 12-15 then I would say 3yrs but not if they are any younger, they need to be vaccinated every year :wink:
I only vaccinate my cats every 3 years (they had all their shots until they turned a year old). The reason I don't vaccinate them yearly now is b/c they never go anywhere...traveling and we don't kennel them when we travel. My Mom comes and takes care of them here.

With dogs I think it's different. For one thing, there are diseases you can bring home to your dog. Parvo scares the heck out of me. It's airborne, and you can bring it home to your dog and not even know it. You can walk in an area that a dog was in that had Parvo, get it on your shoe, and bring it to your house. I plan to have Paris vaccinated each year. I plan on taking her everywhere with me, so I want to be sure she has had the necessary vaccines to help keep her healthy.

Talk to your Vet and see what she/he thinks.
I have always had my chis vaccinated every year. It is what my vet recommends. I would personally rather not take any chances.
I trust my vet so whatever he recommends (annually) is fine with me.

Lily is due for her annual round of shots this month. Instead of having them all at one time, I've made 3 appointments for 3 shots. I just can't put her through what happened last year when she had a sore back for 3 days. I mean, she could hardly jump on or off the couch and she would stop short in the middle of her full body shakes. I think 3 shots at once is just too much for her tiny body so I'm spreading it over a 2 week period. She will probably also have her anals expressed (what a joy :lol: ) and get microchipped.
Gadget will get his shots every year for the restof his life... i will not take the chance...... He is to inportant to me to even think about it...
I didnt know parvo was also airborne. Thanx for the info :)
Seren said:
I didnt know parvo was also airborne. Thanx for the info :)

parvo isn't airborne... here's info from an article i have....

Although not airborne, Parvo is highly contagious and extremely hardy. Puppies and dogs can contract the parvovirus and never leave their yards. The virus can last 9 months or longer in soil or it can be brought to your dog on your shoes, hands, and even car tires. Birds invading the dog's food dish can also be a culprit for spreading the disease. Even puppies that have been vaccinated for Parvo can contract the virus.
Even dogs that have been vaccinated? So when are they protected...after the booster shot? :?
Seren said:
Even dogs that have been vaccinated? So when are they protected...after the booster shot? :?
i think the more bosters they have the less they become suseptible to the virus. that is why they typically tell you not let your dog be ground bound until their last set of shots (some even a week after the first set...)
Sorry, I shouldn't have said "airborne". What I meant was that a you can bring it home to your dog, instead of some diseases where your dog has to come directly into contact with a sick dog to contract the disease. However you put it, it is highly contagious, and I am not taking any chances.

I don't plan to let Paris on the ground anywhere other than my backyard until she is fully vaccinated. Even then, I will be a little nuts about where I let her walk.
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