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Hi:) My name is Vanessa (but you can call me Nessie!) and I suffer from OCD (Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder) haha, I'm crazy about Chis. I'm only 19 so I got my first Chihuahua a few months ago. Her name is Lena and she was born on January 4th 2012. She's from USA. I plan on getting a few more Chihuahuas when I move in an appartment (Still living with mom and dad). Right now my parents thinks I have too many animals:(

*I attached a picture of me and my girl:)*

You can check out more pictures here :

P.S My first language is french so sorry for any mistakes!

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Salut Vanessa! Ta Chihuahua est super belle! ;)

Hope you enjoy the forum. The people on here are very nice & helpful.
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