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I have finally decided to get out there and try to help all of my poor fruit trees and try to fix up the garden and plant vegetables this year. We bought this place with all of the fruit tree's and an unbelievable raised bed garden.
I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips and advice on a few things?
First of all what does it mean to trim back fruit tree's and blue berry bushes? Also how do I help them grow throughout the season? Do I put potting soil, plant food, mulch, maneur or what at the base of them? I have a black thumb and have never done this before so I am oblivious.
I have several kinds of apple tree's. Pear tree, a couple of peach tree's, 17 blue berry bushes (were full of blue berries last year), black berries, used to be straw berries and a couple of tree's bearing fruit that I have no idea what they are? the apples, peaches and pears dont get very large and end up rotting or being eaten by insects if I try to let them get larger? I usually pick them pretty small.
I have already planted some potatoes and hope to do. Sweet Potatoes, corn, green beans, okra, watermelon, cantaloupe (sp?) and lots of tomatoes (we love tomatoes)
Thanks in advance :)
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