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Very frustrated!!!! Advice Please.:(

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Mikey is right about to turn 3 mths old, he's been doing pretty good w/ housebreaking..every now and then having an accident. Well, he usually climbs his way onto my sofa (he's very tiny, right at 2 lbs,don't ask how he does it). Tonight he climbs up ,looks like he's about to curl up for a nap but instead pees on it!!!!!!!!! I am very upset, I'm a huuuuuuge neat freak! Having an accident on my carpet is 1 thing, but on my furniture! No way! Have any of your chi's done this before? I just need reassurance that he will get over this. I take him out frequently, I always have him in sight. I just feel so upset w/ him about this. I thought we were making great progress. He even holds his bladder through the night, about 7 or 8 hours.....any advice please???????
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I think this is pretty common. On a Labrador forum several people posted that their Lab puppies had done the same thing even though they were already almost potty trained. The best thing might be to not allow Mikey on the furniture unless he is in your lap, until he is absolutely 100% potty trained. (I have read, though, that some Chi's NEVER attain 100%). So you may just want to train him to stay on the floor unless you invite him up on the furniture to be with you.

Sometimes a dog will assume he is Alpha because he is allowed the same privileges as his owner. Dogs are pack animals, so they expect to find their place in the ranking of the members of the household. Trainers tell owners of dogs who have become aggressive or dominant with them to take away couch and bed privileges to teach the dog that the owner is Alpha.

I know that your sweet puppy is not being agressive/dominant with you, but I shared this info just so that you would not feel that you are being mean if you prohibit Mikey from being up on the furniture. :)

You could also just put a waterproof covering over your cushions whenever you're not sitting on it, and if Mikey gets up there and has an accident your couch won't get soiled.
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Thanks, I think that's what i'll do. Just keep his little butt off the furniture. I feel mean doing that. My cats both lounge all over the sofa. I never thought he would be able to get up there. He kind of climbs up, he uses his claws. That makes sense to me about him maybe thinking he's the alpha b/c he has the same privaleges as I would. Thanks so much for the advice. I appreciate it.
Make sure you use Nature's Miracle or something like that it removes the smell (breaks down the enzymes) from the couch. Kemo is allowed up on the couch only if someone invites him. Good luck. :wave:
I just went and got that kemos mamma, thanks for the tip!
I've also used white vinegar mixed with water to clean up accidents with. It eliminates the smell also, so the puppy doesn't go back to that spot again. I just mix the two half and half in a small bowl, dip a towel in there and scrub the area. Very simple. Just for all of you who don't have any specific product to clean accidents with.
tattdangel said:
I just went and got that kemos mamma, thanks for the tip!
no problem :D I love that stuff, I use it in my laundry and steam cleaner too!
Just a little update

Mikey seems to be doing a lot better. He's been going to the door to be let out. Yesterday we had no accidents! He was a very good boy. I hope he's good for my friend while i'm in Disney World! (if we can make it there :confused1:
Glad that Mikey is doing better with his potty-training! Just when we're about to give up, they surprise us. :eek:

Hope you get to take your trip to DW. :)
Glad to hear Mikey is doing better! I knew he would catch on eventually! :D
Another update

Hi all, well we made it to Disney world and we had a great time! I was worried leaving Mikey, he did great. My friend said he only had 1 accident and that was the 1st day he was there. Since we've been home he's been doing so well. I am so proud of my little guy.
Welcome home, Kelly! We missed you. Glad that you had an enjoyable vacation to Disney World, in spite of the hurricane that ripped through Florida the week before your trip. And I am glad to hear that Mikey was such a good boy while you were gone. :)
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