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Move to FL. :) I'll be your roommate and we'll BOTH feed raw. LOL! Problem solved!!

But seriously, I would start by attempting to educate them on what raw feeding is. Maybe you can hammer out some guidelines that both of you agree on. For example, they may not be comfortable with you putting organs and chunks of meat in their freezer, which is fine since you feed S&C. Show them what you're feeding and try to compromise on places where your dog can eat that would make it acceptable, such as only in your dog's crate while it's in your room, etc. Let them know that S&C is really no worse than canned food in terms of messiness.

If they refuse to compromise, then I'd try to stretch the ZP out as much as possible. Have you tried canned food? If you're feeding it alongside the ZP then you'll need considerably less. Merrick is an inexpensive but good brand. Fromm is good. Weruva is great (Teddy loved it). I used to feed ZP with about 1/3 can of Fromm daily until I recently switched to Nature's Variety raw (though Teddy isn't really taking to it yet).
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