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Very special little baby girl

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As some of you know, we have decided to keep one of Kelsey's puppies. We lost one of this little girls' brothers, and we really can't go through it again. No more babies for Kelsey or Thumbelina. As soon as Kelsey's puppies have gone to their forever homes, she is off to see Mr Vet.

The little angel we are keeping is a very special little girl as we had to try so very hard to bring her back when she was born. We are struggling with names even after looking at the other threads here. She is very small, white with mink patches.

I will hopefully get some pictures of the whole family tomorrow and you can see for yourself. Kelsey's babies will be just 2 weeks old on Wednesday.

I would welcome any name suggestions.
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How about 'Angel' for a little angel :D
sullysmum said:
How about 'Angel' for a little angel :D
Thats' definately on our shortlist already.

I also like Paris, Suki and more especially baby.
Hi, its hard making your mind up, but im sure when you decide the name will fit her like a T! :)
I love baby its so sweet and shes like your miracle baby :wave:
I think Angel or Baby either one would be great. Or name her Angel Baby and just call her Baby. Can't wait to see the pics :D
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