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vets prices uk

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hi ya,
ive been going round my local find the right one for me..
ive found one that i really like the look just happens to be the cheapest and the nearest to me..
consultations £19.00
booster £30
kennel cough booster £25 (1st time ive heared about this)

do the prices seem ok???im sure they are the normaly prices..i just wanted to check.. i have no idea about all of this as tyke is my 1st dog :) and im learning..

thanks for any help
star x
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Those prices sound ok to me, I personally think consultation prices are ridiculously over the top at any vet (mine is £15.) but hey, our pets are worth it eh!

For Lexi's injections, both of them, it came to £51.60.
So those prices you quoted sound about right.

my vet charges 20 pounds :D , but i have this trick ......i take my 3 dogs every time with me for check up ......and he never dares to charge me three times :D i usually pay 35 pounds then

he'sa real good vet !!! i've never been so content over a vet....

kisses nat
lol nat - good idea :lol:

yeah those prices sound about average - I dont have kennel cough boosters ( I have nvere heard of it) I just have them ones where it is all together as one vaccination :wave:
Prices sound ok to me :) my vet is a little more expensive :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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