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Video - Callie "talking" to a hummingbird

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At least it sounded like she was trying to talk to it. She could see it out the window at a feeder I have. :D
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I thought it was really cute. Callie is so sweet. It's nice to see a video of our friends rather than photos once in awhile. Pablo and Trixie went a little nuts and started barking a bunch, lol. :)
Boy, she's pretty! It was cute how she turned to the camera at the end as if embarrassed to be caught talking to a birdie. :lol:
That was cute! I wonder what she was trying to say? :lol:

My cat was up on my desk and started to freak out when she heard it! :lol:
Thanks guys! She really cracks me up with that growl. :D She does that sometimes when she wants all of my attention from Cody and Annabelle. It sounds like she is telling them...... no my mama maaaaaaaaaaa. :lol:
That was too funny. In one part it looked like she had a very strong look of pride protecting her home from the invading hummingbird. In another part, I agree with Rachael, that she almost looked embarrassed that she was caught on camera. LOL!

If that wasn't funny enough, Angel was sitting here with me as I played the video. She was growling back. LOL!!!
How cute!
Now that is precious! Zeus came running to my computer when I played it.. lol
hahaha so cute i loved it i watched it twice lol chloe was looking around to find her! haha callie is a very pretty chi by the way ur house is pretty too :)
awwww so lovely... pity i couldnt hear anthing (my speakers blew)
Oh Stephanie the sound of her growl is the cutest part. Sorry you couldn't hear it.

Thank you guys. I'm glad you liked it! :)
That is so funny! lol. I love seeing videos!
Thank you Kelly! :wave:
wow callie is so beautiful !! great video

kisses nat
lol she's such a talker! i remember the other video they sounded like tasmanian devils lol and here she is again. it's a good thing she has a cute voice lol!
AHHHH I played it and my dogs starting talking back to her!!! :lol:
Pepi doesn't like the sound of another dog in his house.
What a great video with a great model. Callie is really pretty. Her coat looks great. All she wants to do is protect her mama...I say good girl!

1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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