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video of jacob at champ show

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this is a link for a video of jacob at his champ show today hope you all like it.
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Thats a great vid!!! Hes looks great!! Well done!!!
thankyou wish the b/f had held the camara a bit more stil ha lol
How cute...oh my gosh...those tiny little feet and legs trying to keep cute :D
he qualified stef im so pleased and he beat a top chi breeder / shower he done so well
Oh my goodness. What a handsome boy. I knew he would do well.

Well Vicki I knew you could do it, or Jacob could do it? YOU DID IT TOGETHER! woooo this is just the beginning!!! are you going to be on tv at crufts? Are you his handerler in the ring?
He looks so handsome out there. Good job Jacob! 8)
good job cutie boy! i see his coat is coming in a lot more lately.
Great job! Jacob looks wonderful...and so do you! :wave:
its gonna be great yeah stef il be handleing him we come all this way together and thats how we are going to stay its been great and yes his coat is coming through great now a big change im so happy
well done! congrats! the vid is great and he looks stunning! well done again - im so glad for you!
Is that you handling him? I am so proud of him!! :)
yeah i was real nervous lol but we both started together and il be handling him for good lol
one suggestion??? Don't wear pants, wear a black skirt that is not really flowing at the bottom. like straight. The big legs pants draws attention away from his gait. Please don't take this the wrong way!!!! Its just a little suggestion. You look great!!!! Just don't want the attention drawn from him!! :wink: Sounds weird but the way a handler dresses makes a HUGE diffrence :D Your clothes should accent him. God I hope you dont take this the wrong way :?
hiya no i dont find that rude at all im greatful for tips i just have probs finding a skirt long enough as im 6ft2
wow tall lady! :shock: lol
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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