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Stef, I posted that link in Chi Chat and eventually contacted them because they only sale wholesale. I asked if they'd sell me a package of 12 shirts (we had a deal going where I'd send the ones that didn't fit Cooper to Jayne and a few others) and they won't due to legal reasons or something like that. :cry:

The lady that owns our local couture shop ordered some and I'm waiting on her to call and tell me they're in so Coop can go try one on (and hopefully get one).
oh my there stuff is sooooooooooo nice i want the backstreet boy top and the surf one and the ren and stimpy awwwwwwwwwww does anyone know if they are that expensive they are fab
i like the porn star ones. I didnt see the backstreet boys or ren and stimpy?
Their shirts are made from recycled t-shirts that they find at thrift stores, or as you say in the UK - boot sales.

All shirts made are one of a kind. I'll let you know the price when my local shop gets them in.
that's such a cool site !! it's a real bummer they won't send a 12 pack , i def would have bought one !!

kisses nat
Cooper and I are going tomorrow to see if the shirts are in yet. If they are, and I find one that fits him, I'll be buying it and taking a photo of him in it.

I'll also ask Cynthia if she can strike a deal with me if any of you are interested. I might just take the camera along and take photos of what she got in her 12-pack.

I'll let you know!
awwwww yay im defo interested they are great shirts
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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