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Visit With Grandma

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Yesterday, I had several things to do and since my Mom is head over heels in Luv with Hershey, she puppy sat for me. Well, you should have heard her talking about her time with Him, it was so funny! I'd call and check on him every little while and Mom would always say, "Whew! Hershey is wearing me out!" LOL! :D

She was thinking she could get Him to lay down and sleep most of the time, as she is used to her lazy dog that lays around all the time. Well, Hershey showed her! He ran around, playing and biting at Mom and was so hyper she was amazed! Not a minutes rest did she get. She said. "He is just like taking care of a 2 yr old child!", I just said, "Mom, I told you he was a handful!" LOL! :D

She had a blast though, she is so in luv with my little guy. At leat now she said she realizes what I deal with all day each day. Hehehe. :wink: Hershey is ready to "play" with Grandma again I think. :laughing6: Hehehe... :laughing6:
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That's too funny! Hershey must have loved being at Grandma's house. Now he's got two mommas to spoil him. :lol:

My mom actually fell in love with Lily before I did. I never thought she'd really like such a small dog but she is nuts about Lily. :)
Rachael, who wouldn't be nuts about Lily? :D

Lovemychi, I know exactly what you mean. Tia, my chi who went to the bridge last year, was older and in bad health so pretty much she would just lay around and sleep most of the time.

Then when I got Jazzy last November - OMG - it was quite an adjustment to say the least. She's calmed down a little bit now that she's almost a year old, but she's still a bundle of energy! :lol:
They sound like they had a great time together! She's right though, chi's are like little kids and puppies are like 2 year olds! :lol:
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