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visiting jacobs daddy ohhhh yay

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ok so i was out tonight looking at cars for sale and why i was gone my mum said i had a phone call i had totally forgot i wrote to the lady who owns jacobs dad well at least who i had been told owned jakes dad so i didnt expect anything back.

well she rang yay i was soooooooo happy i sent her some pics of him and my mum said she loved them and has been showing them off.
also she said that she has been watchinghis showing career since he started as friends had told her how well he was doing.

im so mad that i missed her call but im going to call her back tommorrow she told my mum that she would like me to go up there and visit and take jacob.
that means i can see his dad and see if there is any resembalance.
she has 13 chihuahuas and has bred for years im really looking forward to calling her and going to visit.
i just hope there is no litters there as i know how broody i get lol.
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i will do im going to ring the lady in a min to have a chat and maybe arrange a visit jacobs coming as well i just hope he gets on with his dad lol
i hope he's everything that you two imagined! and more! have fuunn jacob and mom<3
yes should be fun we met a half brother of jakes a few weeks ago they have the same dad and they didnt look anything alike amazing how different they turn out his brother was quite big and had more of a deer head
That sounds wonderful! I had the pleasure of meeting Lillie's mom & dad. It's so cool to see where and who ur little one's come from. :love2:
aww how nice, bu sure to take your camera and take loads of pics :D

kisses nat
ok so i called and spoke to her for soo long she is really friendly and so so happy to hear how jacob is doing and i sent her photos and she adored them im going to keep her up to date with his progress and we are going to go visit as soon as i get a free weekend car shopping this weekend and champ showing next weekend so hopefully after she is going to send me pics of all his family and il post them on here
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