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Hi guys!

It's certainly been awhile and my heart is slowly on the mend after losing Liam and his brother, but I've been blessed with another chihuahua to love and be loved by. He's a chocolate merle, almost five months, and I named the little mischievous nugget Alien (I'll make an introduction for him later).

However, since moving to Germany, I'm living on my own and honestly, am struggling to make ends meet (what university student isn't?). I entered Alien into a 'cutest chihuahua' contest and if he wins, he'll receive an assortment of goodies, including food. I already know he's the cutest (mama pride), but the goodies would really help out! Every Chi deserves a little spoiling.

So if you could spare a couple seconds and vote for him, we'd really appreciate it! Just click here and find Alien on the list. Thank you so much!

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