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Wagging tail?

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I have a question? How do your babies wag their tails. Is it up and down, side to side or around and around? When Taco's really gets going it makes me laugh and laugh because it mostly is curved over his back, but is going up and down not side to side like I see most other dogs do. It's the funniest looking thing. :lol:
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Willie wags his tail in a curl over his back...
Mully has different wags though she has her low side to side wag for me and the kids and she has a high, straight "warning wag" when she barks at strangers. (Remember just because a dog is wagging it's tail when it barks, doesn't always mean it's a friendly wag!)
There's a saying that goes something like "when a dog is barking and wagging her tail at the same time, which end should you trust".....That's my Mully, but I know her body language :wink:
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