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Ok it's been insane for me so I haven't posted in AGES. We have had some friends bring their min pins and chihuahuas over to play with Mimi and he does well with them and has finally started to try and play with them. Most of the time he will just hang out and chill.

He is a past of being a bait dog for dog fighting and is scared of larger dogs. He will bark and crouch down just waiting for the dog to jump on him. I was thinking about working with him on that. I had a friend that questioned me if it was worth it? I don't know. I want him to have no fear and to understand no one and no other dog will hurt him anymore.

Mimi is doing well at the store that we own with the customers. He will get mad when they walk away from him and bark and grab their pant legs but as soon as they turn back around he stops and looks all sad. We don't let them reward him for that so we tell them no petting him for his little tantrums.

Ok hopefully this all made sense lol
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