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Wanted- Chihuahua in Scotland!

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If anyone know's of any available in Scotland please please let me know!

Thank you :wave:
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there was a couple of links recently on Chi Cat for breeders in fife. I'm getting my wee one in 8 weeks

ur so lucky! :eek: i hope you don't mind me asking, what is chi cat?
Chi Chat is another part of the Forum. It's on the main page :)
I contacted a breeder, and she was sssssoooooooooooo much help and i am on her list so hopefully if all goes well i should be getting a new wee bundle of joy to keep my 1st wee bundle of joy company in sept/oct time!

Cant wait as we've just moved to a bigger house with a bigger garden and the wee man has so much fun running around but is just missing a wee chi pal to share it with!

Will keep yous posted tho :) :wave:
glad you are on your way to been a chi mommy - keep us posted :wave:
YAY!! im gald you have found a breeder on your on there list! :D
Thanks everyone! :)

I am allready a chi mom, ive got a chi boy Simba, just wanting to get another chi to keep each other company. :wave:

I will keep you posted!
Aww that's really good news. I just called my breeder to check on my chi and she said his eyes are opened and he's already miving around a bit, awwwww!!

I just wanna say good luck with your new chi :) You are so lucky- I really want one but my parents won't let me :(
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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