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Found this on another board..

RSPCA: It is one of most horrific cases we've seen
By Jeremy Armstrong
A MOTHER boiled her puppy alive then left it to die in agony, a court heard yesterday.

Lynda Cairns, 55, tried to drown 10-week-old brown and black mongrel Ruby in scalding water.

But when she did not die Cairns told her son to dump the dog.

Ruby's body was found covered in blisters to her face and clumps of fur burned off the legs, head and body.

The RSPCA branded the injuries "horrific".

Charity inspector Emma Ellis, 34, said: "It is one of the worst cases I have come across because of the terrible cruelty of boiling the animal in water, the prolonged nature of its suffering and the fact it was abandoned to die alone. It is impossible to understand how anyone could do such a thing."

Sunderland magistrates were shown photos of the dead puppy.

Cairns, who also has two dogs and a cat, admitted abandoning the puppy in circumstances likely to cause unnecessary suffering.

Son David, 21, pleaded guilty to abandoning Ruby near their home in Down Hill, Sunderland. Daughter Leanne, 19, also admitted causing unnecessary suffering by failing to seek proper veterinary care.

Prosecuting for the RSPCA, Clive McKeag warned his evidence was accompanied by "horrific" photos of the dead dog.

He explained Ruby was killed because Cairns "just wanted rid of it". He said: "She tried to drown it in scalding water.

"When that didn't work she gave the dog to her son and asked him to dump it. The dog was left to die in agony, alone, unattended and without any treatment."

A laboratory examination revealed the dog died of scalding.

Nigel Barnes, defending all three, said Cairns had tried to drown the puppy in "very, very hot water" but not told her son and daughter.

David was asked to abandon the puppy. He refused but after his mum pleaded with him, he got rid of the dog.

He said Lianne tried to get help from the PDSA and could not afford to take the dog to a vet.

The case was adjourned until September 12 for reports

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OHMYGOD! :cry:

omgomgomg i cant believe someone would actually do this to a dog.. or any animal infact :cry:

this is HORRIFIC!! :cry:

poor puppy must have suffered so much :cry:


:x I HATE Animal Cruelty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x
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