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I myself am a breeder and I think it's heartbreaking when people do things like this to ANY animal. Their totally dependant on you for love and they wouldn't understand why you weren't loving them as you should! I'm so pleased to hear you have rescued you puppy, and that she is safe at home with you. All my babies live in the home with me and I also breed cats who they adore. My vet live less than a mile up the road and I can call him and 3am if I need to. Breeding for profit is cruel, making a profit at the end of working hard to provide the world with happy, healthy and wonderful dogs is not but believe me you can tell a good breeder because their the ones that spend all the money they would be able to keep as profit on making their dogs happy and healthy. I'm proud to breed my animals and if I thought doing it was ever EVER going to hurt them in any way, every single one would be spayed/neutered and live at home with me as my pets. Its like saying your children aren't yours any more just because they have children of their own. My chis are still my pets and always will be no matter what!
I totally agree with you. I know some body with a chi mix they got from somebody who couldn't keep him anymore so now my friend wants to use the dog as stud service and I'm said you shouldn't do that with a mix breed because there are already too many backyard breeders and such and for one its not like they went out and bought the dog. The dogs really sweet but his owner is a real asshole. He thinks he is doing good by him by letting him breed but I serioiusly think dogs are like children and really don't consciously know what is going on when their doing it. I mean I'm not saying its wrong to let them mate but irresponsible for people to breeding for a profit. I know the guys parents and they have three chihuahuas now and I look at them and I'm thinking they shouldn't be breeding them. One is too old the other had complications and they ended up sending the pups to the shelter since the mom couldn't support them. Some actually disappered from their backyard and they live right next to a busy Highway. It really ticks me off to know some people thinks thats fine. I mean if I couldn't control my urge to mate I think I would want to get spayed...or neutered.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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