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Well darn, i guess Jolie came from a puppy mill. This lady is in her 50's and she takes care of her invalid mother who had Alzheimer's. The puppy business is her income. There were 3 dogs loose in the yard when i arrived the day i got Jolie. All were different breeds. One was a pit bulldog who was a little shy but friendly. One was a miniature gray hound and i don't remember what the other was but not chi. There was a long hair chi in the house and the g-hound came in when we went inside. Right by the front door was a small building with a small fenced area out the front. There were about 10 chis who came out of the building to bark at me. The building did have a air conditioner in the window. They all looked healthy though.
There was an old dairy barn close by and i suspect that's where most of her dogs are housed although i didn't ask. The puppy i came to see was already in the house, cleaned up and smelling good. i knew right away that puppy was not the personality i was looking for plus she just didn't look like her pic and i asked to see #4, then #1,,,,i ended up looking at all the pups in the litter except the male (there were 4 females) I knew right away that Jolie was the one. Jolie hadn't been bathed and they bathed her for me. We went over her shot record, worming record and what she had been feeding her. She gave me enough food to last until could buy some and told me if i wanted to change her food how to go about it without upsetting Jolie's tummy. She showed me the exact puppy shot Jolie had been given and i wrote down the information. She explained that she didn't usually let puppies go until 8 weeks but she guessed it would be ok. (Jolie was actually 7wks 2 days) I took Jolie the following Monday to my vet for a "well puppy" check up. She had no worms and was perfect in all ways, I.E. no hernias.

Other things: She has several different breeds of puppies for sale. I didn't see any of them but i know because i've seen her ad. Neither of Jolie's parents were available for me to see. She said that they both belong to her son and he had already taken them back to his home. She also told me(because i asked) that her son would not be breeding the female back to the same male next time. It made me think that she possibly bought this litter from an individual to resale but of course i don't know that. All in all, i am being selfish when i say that i'm glad she had Jolie and i was able to find her, no matter the circumstances because i love this little girl like you would not believe. I love her like a child, my child. There is one puppy left in that litter for sale and i emailed the seller telling her how much i loved Jolie and noticed she still had one that had not been bought by someone. I went on to say that i wished i could buy her and bring her home to love but that i just couldn't afford another puppy but that i hoped she would get a home soon. The lady emailed me back and said the puppy will probably sell, but if she doesn't, then they will just make a breeder out of her. That just makes me sad and i think about that puppy every day and go to the site where she is to see if she's still there. poor little baby. :cry:
I myself am a breeder and I think it's heartbreaking when people do things like this to ANY animal. Their totally dependant on you for love and they wouldn't understand why you weren't loving them as you should! I'm so pleased to hear you have rescued you puppy, and that she is safe at home with you. All my babies live in the home with me and I also breed cats who they adore. My vet live less than a mile up the road and I can call him and 3am if I need to. Breeding for profit is cruel, making a profit at the end of working hard to provide the world with happy, healthy and wonderful dogs is not but believe me you can tell a good breeder because their the ones that spend all the money they would be able to keep as profit on making their dogs happy and healthy. I'm proud to breed my animals and if I thought doing it was ever EVER going to hurt them in any way, every single one would be spayed/neutered and live at home with me as my pets. Its like saying your children aren't yours any more just because they have children of their own. My chis are still my pets and always will be no matter what!
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