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I had the volume off because hubby is sleeping, but I got the point.
It's VERY sweet! One time we had a rescued cat here that just gave birth, she
accepted an orphaned squirrel that fell off the roof, as one of her own kittens.
Thanks to her the squirrel lived. The squirrel did not take the nipple right away,
but mama cat cleaned the baby squirrel and kept it warm, after a little while the
squirrel grabbed hold and never let go,lol. It was one of the most beautiful things
I've ever seen. Brings tears to my eyes remembering. :)

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Awe that is sweet. My husband told me that when he was little, they had a pony that took to a nanny goat, and he thought he was a goat. He said that it would climb on top of cars and head but. I think things like that are awesome.
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