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Hi everyone. I am new here. I am so happy. We got two new baba Chi(s) today.
We lost our beloved chihuahua Molly in February this year. I was so completely heartbroken over her I couldnt believe it. She was with us for almost 15 years and of course we loved her to bits.
But today is a great and exciting day in my house little baba chi , Sugar and baba chi, Dixie-Mae have set up house with us. They are 9 weeks old and I am in love already. Two sisters. They are sleeping now as they are exhausted from exploring their new home :D
They are still nervous and unsure of us but that little curious chi personality is coming through all he same. We picked them up at 4pm sugar has eaten but Dixie hasn't braved it yet apart from 10 or so nuts. I suppose this is ok. She did drink some water.
I have to wake them shortly for toilet before bed. I hope they forgive me!!!
Looking forward to meeting you all.
Julie x
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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