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We have a potty problem...HELP!!

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Ok everyone...I need help on this !!

My little Henry will not stop going to the bathroom in his cage while I am at work. Does anyone have suggestions ?? he is in a small cage that also still has a divider in it. He will poop and pee in it and then sit right in it..very gross!!! Does anyone else have this problem ??
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You say it's small, does he have room to go to the bathroom and not get in it? You aren't expecting him to hold it till you get back are you?
No he does not have room to go and not get in it . I have read that the only room they should have is to stand up and turn around. My mothers Chi waits until she gets home to go, I do not understand him. Also if he poops in the cage he will eat half of it . Does that make any sense ???
If he is just a puppy, he cannot hold it. They can only hold it for a couple hours. If hes gonna be left alone you are better off taking out the divider and put a pad down. He might still step in it and play with it if he is board. How long do you leave him alone for?
He is 8months old, and he is left in the cage about 6 hours.It wouldn't be so bad if he pooped anddidn't smush it into his blanket or the tray of the cage. Maybe I will take out the divider and see if he poops in a corner and leaves it alone . He is also really bad with the puppy pads. I got one of those holders and he still tears it up. He is really bad but I can't help but love him !!! I just wish I could figure out ways to break him of his bad habits :cry:
Hmmm, 8 months old he should be able to hold it. You got me there. :lol: Good luck. I hope someone else here can give you some advice. :wink:
im not sure i like the sound of a dog being in cage they can only just move around in for 6 hours. :shock: :shock: maybe get him an excerise pen. :shock:
What sort of potty training has your puppy had? Has he been trained to go outside or on the pad, or both? I would remove the divider and try a pad in his crate. I agree that 6 hrs in a crate with barely enough room to turn around is too long. Have you considered puppy proofing one room of your house - maybe kitchen or bathroom - and leaving him in there with his water and pad and some toys, rather than in his crate?

As for as eating his poop, some dogs do that. I know it is disgusting to us, but apparently they think it is just fine. :lol:
Chimom, I totally agree with you... 6 hours is way to long to be in that small of a space..

shoshaunna, You might want to try putting him in a larger space.. like Chimom said in the bathroom or the kitchen or some where he can move around and play with his toys and eat and drink and go potty....

Good luck and God bless
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