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Many of you know how blessed we were by having our vanilla model all around the world her "Oscar" gowns...and even the numerous offers to buy we couldn't depart for the sentimental value.
However, this are hard times and decide to put at least one of the dresses to good use.

we have join forces with Washington square park - the small dog run, to raise funds for the strained pets in LA. This dog run has been a long time favorite of chihuahua lovers & meetups....and with the help of their generous members they have started a fundraiser to help: Best Friends and Noah's Wish organizations, two smaller groups who are right now working very hard rescuing pets at the Katrina site.

On the hopes to help them raise funds, the Yellow Gown vanilla modeled similar to Penelope Cruz, oscar de la renta design, will be up for auction. Every single cent will go to this group who will forward to the rescue(s)
Auction starts today sept. 7th, 2005 as of this moment...and will end on sept. 21st, 2005 at 3:00 pm....the highest bid will be updated often so you'll have an idea on how is going and can keep bidding. email me at: [email protected]
shipping and insurance will be additional.

Also, we will take dog cookie orders to donate the whole amount to this effort as well.( limit of 100 pieces)....If you can sell treats just take the order and payments of $ 1.50 @ and we will arrange delivery...

thanks for all the help you can give...and let's start rolling! happy bidding
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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