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We set a date now!!

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Yay!! I am so excited right now! I know that I'm probably driving everyone nuts with my plans for my new pup, but you know how it is. You have to make sure you can provide for the pup before you get one. I wouldn't want to go pick him up and not be able to buy him his own stuff and get him his shots. I'm thinkin' ahead girls :)

So, I talked to my bf about when we can go pick him up and this working out really great! OK, so, my bf gets paid every 2 wks and even though we don't have to pay for the puppy we have to have gas to get to Arkansas and back, plus for some stuff for him. So, we're not getting him this weekend, but we are for sure going to pick him up the first weekend in September! Eeeee!! I'm so excited! OK, and I asked about his shots because even though we can wait to get him "snipped", we can not wait to get his shots. So, we'll get him the first weekend in September and he'll have his shots 2 wks later (when my bf gets paid again). This is so exciting girls! I just can't wait!!

Also, the best part is that he's not going to be so young like I expected. He'll be at least 2-3 months (right?). My aunt wasn't sure on his actual birthdate, so I won't know his actual age until I get there and ask the breeder. I was really pretty worried about getting a pup at such a young age. I knew that I wouldn't be able to leave him at home alone at all if he was just 6wks. So, I'm really happy about that. Since he'll be around the same age Lina was when we got her (she was 3 days shy of 4 months). So yeah, that's just way better :).

We're still naming him General Lee also :).
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Awesome news! I know you have been bugging him for a while for a new pup! How exciting :D We need pics ASAP!!! :wink:
Oh man, I've been buggin' him for a boy since we picked up Lina lol I think the meet up made him realize that it's best to just give in lmao! Seriously though, it'll be fun to have another puppy in the house :)

I want pics too! I won't get any until I go down to pick him up though :( Sucks huh? The breeder doesn't have a digicam though, so I'll have to wait. I do know that he'll look a lot like Lilo. He'll actually be Lilo's sister from another litter (same parents). So, that'll give you an idea of how cute he'll be :D. I'll for sure post pics when I pick him up though. I'll probably run my batteries out that weekend lol.
Yay! Congrats to you! We will look forward to pics. :)
pinkprincess21 said:
We're still naming him General Lee also :).

I love it , what a fantastic name 8)
Thanks Fizzys mum :) My bf actually picked it out. I thought it was unique to hear a chi named that. You hear other breeds named General and stuff...but not a chi lol. I'm really excited to get hime home!
awwww sounds great i bet you are real excited id love another
I am oh so excited! I promised my bf that I wouldn't get another one until the kids are older now lol 2 toddlers and 2 chi's is enough in one house lol.
Lina is going to love having a play mate! Make sure you post pictures as soon as you can! He's going to be a cutie! Love his name too :D
Thanks Ilovesadie :) I'm really hoping they'll get along as well as her and Lilo did while she was staying with us. I can't see why they wouldn't though. Lina loved having Lilo around :)
How exciting! Your getting a little boy!!! Make sure to post lots of pics, I can't wait to see the General!
Me too Karis believe me!! There will be A LOT of pictures coming as soon as I see him! lol
WOW this is exciting i cant wait to meet the "General" :wave:
Thanks girls :) I haven't even met him and I'm completely in love with him lol
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