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We would like to introduce ourselves :-)

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Hello All! This forum is great! I've been looking everywhere for something like this :) . Anyways- I just wanted to introduce myself.

First of all- My name is Kristin and I'm 21. I live in Illinois with my boyfriend our three (he has 2 I have 1 lol) kids. We have 2 toddlers (a girl already 2 and a boy turning 2 in Dec.) and a 7 year old boy. I'm a stay at home mom and my life pretty consists of laundry, dishes, and cleanig up after kids. But anyway- I don't think you all are as interested in hearing about me as you are about hearing about my little girl :). So here we go.

As of tomorrow (Saturday Nov. 13th) I will be the proud mommy of a 5 month old, snow white, adorable Chihuahua puppy. Her current owner named her Chica but I've decided that Damita sounds so much better, and in Spanish (for anyone who doesn't know) it means Little Princess...which is exactly what she is. I plan on spoiling her rotten and I can't wait to go pick her up! It's so exciting! I have a few pictures of her but I'll be sure to post more tomorrow as soon as I can.

I'm really looking forward to talking with you all as this will be my first Chihuahua. I've wanted one for the longest time and I'm finally going to have her!! *Takes a deep breath* Calm down Kristin you only have half the day to go. :lol:

OK- I guess I should go now. Just wanted to introduce us :)


Here is a picture of her that her current owner took for me :) Cute huh? Look at those ears!

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Hi and welcome :wave:
This forum is great. You will like it :lol: your baby is beautiful. I love the color.
Hello and welcome!

This forum is great and I'm sure you'll enjoy being part of it! :wink:
Thank you :) I was actually looking for a dark color but then I saw her and just knew she would be so perfect :)

Hi :wave: Your chi looks a bit like my Fynn McCaul. :D
Hello and welcome. She is very pretty and I love the name. We can't wait to hear how things go once you finally bring your baby home. This is a wonderful site with lots of people who can help you along the way with you new baby.

Best wishes,
Oh my gosh Kristin you live in Peoria?! I work in Peoria! (live in Pekin)Congratulations on Damita - she is beautiful! I am lovin' those ears! I am the proud owner of Bosco, a 7-month old boy Chihuahua and am looking into getting him a little sister in the next month or so.

Chi's are soooo much fun to own, you'll know exactly what I am talking about when you get her tomorrow. :D
Congratulations and Welcome! I'm new hear too and have learned so much the last few days. These folks are super!

Damita is a doll!
Hi and welcome - it is lovely to here about you and your chi - I cant wait to see more pics of damita she is adorable :wave:
Welcome :laughing5:

Your baby is adorable :love7:
Cant wait to hear all about her!
Damita is beautiful! Such a bright white :wink: . Welcome! My name is Kari and I have 2 chi's. Tri-color, 10months old named Mr. Peepers and a white and fawn 9 month old named Buster Boy.
Hello & welcome. Your soon to be baby is very adorable. Can' t wait to see more pics :wave:
She is so pretty. I can't wait till you get her too that way we can see more pictures of her! :wave:
Welcome to the forum :wave:
Welcome! :wave: Damita is beautiful! :)

I have:

Annabelle - 3 yrs - White and chocolate smooth coat
Cody - almost 6 mos. - Tricolor - Black, tan and white - Long haired
Callie - almost 3 mos. - Black and Tan - Long haired
Hello :wave: and Welcome :hello2: To the Forum. Your little girl is so pretty love her color.
Hi and welcome! I'm also pretty new here and I think this forum is a great place to learn all these little tricks about taking care of your chi that you'll never find in books! Plus, people here are really nice! waiting for more pics!

Richie's mom
:) Thank you all :) She refused her name though, which sooo makes me sad :(. She is still my little damita though :). I guess I'm sticking with Chica...she won't even think about coming to the other! Grrr! Children!! lol

Kristin and Chica
:wave: welcome from another newbie. Your little chi-baby is so cute! Congrats and enjoy. p.s. Sorry about the name, looks like your Chi has a mind of her own :wink:
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