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Websites that sell Chi clothing?

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Please post websites that sell Chi clothing. Thanks!

Niecole :wave:
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also do a search on eBay there is a lot of clothes on there with some really good prices :toothy8:
Ebay! I forgot about that! Great idea! :D
oh and i have just found another one:
Yes, this is one of my favorites.

Thanks... :wave:
ooi like that website, its good. i liked these pj's
i like these sites

i have ordered from a couple of these sites. i love the eyelash sweaters from the one,,,,
thanks MammaDog for posting those links because there are some really good stuff on them. expesh on the webbie becuase i have just found the cuteist thing ever on there. here is it:
Glad they helped, I love that one! Very cute.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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