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Both of mine use the pads. Puck's got it down finally. Puppy is so-so with them. I have a litterbox I place the pad in. Puck is too lazy to get in it, so I have one sitting next to it as well.

I'm thinking of weaning them over to having litter in the box. I planned to do it a while back with Puck, but I want the puppy to teethe and all before I do it. Puck liked to eat the litter.

I'm also thinking of using a cat litter instead of the paper dog litter...

I would take them outside if I weren't lazy + allergies + asthma... And we have no fence, in addition to living in an apartment that houses other dogs as well as the people down the street letting their dogs run around leashless....

In my view, it's like having a cat since they're so small. And their pee doesn't smell as bad as a cat's. I'm not really fond of letting my animals out ... had too many deaths that way.
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