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Weight, i think i want more....

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hi chihuahua lover,
I have a 6 months old Chi, and he is 4.3 pound, I was thinking it is this is the ideal weight? AND I am thinking to make him a bit fatter...Cos i saw few picture on the internet, that CHi look fat and SO CUTE!!!!
I heard that is a dog getting to fat, their will get heart problem and other health problem.
If I really want to let the dog put on weight, is it i have to feed him double the amount right now? or give 3 meals a day instead of 2 meal.
Lastly, how much you feed your chi?

Thnaks in advance. :p
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You should NEVER want your chi to be overweight they are prone to joint problems along with other health issues and the animal will suffer not look "cute". Some dogs are just chubby and its not necessarily due to poor care its just genetic.
Talking to your vet on his ideal weight and maintenance is best. I hope you do right by your dog as that is what being a responsible owner is all about.

Thanks :wave:

I garee with what Vitoria has said if your dog is nearly 5 pounds now it will probably get to about 6 pounds fully grown which is the normal size for a chi - do not over feed your dog - unless you want it to have a short life span
Hi, your chi sounds right on target to me. 4.3 lbs sounds just right for a 6 month old, though chis come in different sizes and weights. You might want to discuss this with your vet. Good luck. :)
ok.... sigh....though that will be good have a FAT CHI...
are you INSANE :evil:
ozzysmom said:
are you INSANE :evil:
Thats just what I thought Clare!!
ok, ok, ok.... make him skinny...
Sometimes I think people just come on the board and post stupid things just to stir up trouble.
They are called TROLLS
I'm sure we have all encountered them on other boards.
What if your parents decided that they wanted you to be fat because they thought the extra weight was cute? Instead of feeding you baby food, they would stuff McDonalds down your throat SIX times a day in hopes that you would look like one of those "cute fat kids" they saw on the internet. Who cares if you are going to develop diabetes before 20, or have increased risk for heart attack or heart failure, fashion over function I say!

What if the trend changes, and you see cute skinny chi's, are you going to starve your chi and risk hypoglycemia too? Be a responsible dog owner and do what is best for your dog, not you. Dogs are living animals, not accessories.
Here here guys :D

We have a definate troll aboard has anyone seen the troll spray :?: :wave:
KJ Passing the can of Troll spray ----------------> :lol:
no no no...

hahaha.... no no no.... i won't let my boy to be skiny or over weight, your miss understand what i am saying.
Well, my boy is muscular, and healthy, umping here and there. The reason i want to put him some weight is, he look a bit skinny. but he's weight is normal, ideal weight as i check on the internet.
He is perfect why would you want him to fat so he looks cuter - he couldnt get any cuter he is adorable - please look after him :wave:
He looks perfect they way he is.... little sweetie.

As the saying goes " dont try and fix somthing that aint broken" i think that's how it goes... :wave:
He is perfect!! I would not change what you are doing.
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