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babyboy778 said:
Wow Copper!!! Your dog is heavy :shock: !!! Hopfully mine wont get that big. 6-7 pounds would make me happy :lol: but over that err.............. how am I suppose to carry him arround if hes so big? hahaha
Well hopefully you love your baby so much that if he gets bigger than 7 pounds you won't care. Because you'll love your baby regardless right? Have you actually seen what a 7 or 8 pound chi looks like? It's still VERY small considering most other breed dogs start at 15 pounds on up...I hope you just didn't buy your chi as an accessory piece to stick in a purse... :roll:

If you look carefully the majority of the chi's here are between 5-9 pounds. :wave:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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