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yay im back :D it's been a bit i know. been busy with so much stuff as well as dietin ^^ here's some pics of the furballs ^^

KC sleepin multitaskin

tried a new orijen treat! alberta wild boar and they LOVED IT!


KC's 2 year old barkday is comin up end of this month so i got her some pressies :p

setup the ramp the other night and KC was afraid of it lol!

the furballs loved to be out in the yard last night before the sun went down! they kept jumpin everywhere and chasin each other

dinnertime! Dex smells somethin yummy

had some unexpected company and made KC bark like a loonie

now now kids it's time for dinner! Primal Lamb ^_^

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Ok no complaints about no food pics since you are dieting!! Glad to see dont want to miss the top poster spot, right???!!!

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Welcome back girlfriend!! The pups look beautiful! When is KC's bday?? How is the dieting going? Are you working out too? I've been working w a trainer who makes meal plans for me and going to the gym 4 X per week! It's exhausting! But I'm down 17 pounds so far! ;)

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Welcome baaaaaack!!!!! I said on your other post I've been wondering where you were. The pups are darling as ever!! I wish I had the disciple to dieting. :( I do right after a just ate. And exercise...what's that?!! I give up and buy bigger clothes. LOL
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