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What a surprise!

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My friend has 4 female Chi`s. The eldest has had one litter. And my friend had a little boy Chi staying for a few days, as a favour to her friend who was away on holiday. Anyway the other night she heard a noise. She and her husband ran downstairs and her eldest Chi had given birth to a little black puppy....then came a white one,then two very very tiny/delicate pups...a cream then a Merl...all female. She has to put the two tinys onto the mums nipple are there so weak. She thought she had watched the dogs closely so that nothing like this happened. She obviously didnt watch close enough! I rang her today expecting her to say the two tinys had gone. But there still alive and are a week old now. I really hope that all of them survive and do well. :)
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I do hope they survive, Penny had a still born westie pup 2 months after we got her from rescue,and Fynn was only one and 1/2 ounces when born. Her siblings were mummified and she wouldnt suckle,my breeder hand fed her for a few days and then was so tired left her overnight with the mummy thinking she might not survive,but came down in the morning to find her suckling,she made it and is nearly 5 years old now and weighs 3 and 1/2lbs. :D
Oh what a lovely suprise lol - Ill keep the tinys in my thoughts :wave:
what a sweet surprise.. I will send them good thoughts...
I'll keep good thoughts for the babies. :)

Your friend didn't know her dog was pregnant? How is that possible? :?
Rachael Polachek said:
I'll keep good thoughts for the babies. :)

Your friend didn't know her dog was pregnant? How is that possible? :?
I was wondering the same thing, Rachael. Especially if she had a litter of pups before.

Hope the babies continue to thrive. Would love to see some pics - hint, hint. :wink:
Positive thoughts for them all to make it. Agree we need to see pics :lol:
keeping good thoughts for those tiny ones

kisses nat
I dont think she noticed the pregnancy because the dog is a little on the chubby side and hadnt even thought of her being pregnant etc.
Thanx for your kinds thoughts. I`ll keep you updated. :)
Don't get your hopes up. But egg them on.

I'll prey for the bubbies >33
Wow that would be a surprise! I hope the lil tiny ones make it!
awww hope all goes well and continues to!
Spoke to my friend today and im very pleased to let you all know that mum and her 4 babies are doing well. The two tinys are still holding their own and the Merle has even started to open one eye...awwww bless! Early days still but all is going well so far. :)
iv never seen a merle pup in england i didnt think there were any over here i bet they are stunning id love a merle
Id love one too! She calls it a Merle...i didnt realise they where so rare. Maybe its grey? Its so tiny its hard to say and they change colour dont they. :)
Hi all.... well heres an update on my friends 4 female puppies. The cream and the white one have just been homed together, to a lovely couple! The all black one is going to be homed with my friends sister....and against all odds the very very tiny grey and white female has survived! My friend is keeping her. She was in fact the first to open her eyes... and would take no messing from the others...shes a feisty little madam lol! I really think that my friends devotion to them all pulled the 2 small ones through. Especially the grey and white one.
Isnt it nice to hear a happy ending! :D :D :D
thats lovely news! A tiny merle wow! :D any pics you could get ahold of? :D
Yes my friend will be bringing them here to see me and Mel in a couple of weeks so i shall take pics :D
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