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what a weenie!

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I'm tellin ya, I can't fatten Butter (we call her that...butterfly being her real name of course!) up, she's getting long! She looks like a little weenie...along with her Pitch Black eyes and her ears that are bigger than Britneys! She's a slim little thing! We like to call her cricket sometimes because of her little black eyes and she likes to hop around in the grass, and plus, she loooooooooves eating crickets!! :lol:
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Give her to me for a couple weeks and she'll double her size! lol...I seem to have that effect on dogs. :) But i'm not sure what the secret is. :shock:
OK, I'll have her sent in my private jet, expect her there by late tonight! :p :lol: I'd love to see Butterfly & Jolie in the room since they're similar to each other, and plus Jolie is only One day older than Butterfly :)

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I know this probaly has not to go with this chat but i like to know where did you get that lovely dress.
My brother Joe was the one that bought it, and he either got it at a store called Michaels or it was Joanns. Both of them are the types of stores that have things for creative people (unlike myself). He got it about 2-3 years ago because that's actually Britney's dress but it's quite snug on her so it belongs to Butterfly now! :D
Oh my gosh, she looks darling in that little dress. Don't worry I'm sure she will start gaining a few pounds! :)
Diego's the same way, very slim so he looks long...i call him a little weiner dog. I think it's because he's so active and I don't really give him treats other than carrots, apples, and blueberries. But I'm sure they'll put on weight as they get older. I'd rather have them thinner now and not deal with a weight problem later! :)
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