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What about constipated pup?

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Ok guys, well Reba went too far the other way and is now a bit constipated. She is wanting to eat more kibble, and still having some broth and baby meat. I had put some plain rice in it and I'm wondering if that or the Esbilac I'm supplementing her with could be the culprit. Or possibly just her system still trying to straighten itself out after almost dying being so dehydrated, etc from the parvo. Suggestions? Thanks!
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My Yorkie gets constipated if his diet is changed too much. (like too many treats :) }
My vet suggested buying Bran Buds. So I did buy some and I've been giving him some every day. Just good roughage and fiber. Make sure the wee thing is drinking lots too.
I'm glad she's on the mend!!
Because dogs (and cats) are lactose intolerant try giving her a little bit of canned milk. It should loosen her up.
jezapach - I know that "Cod Liver Oil" is very good laxative...just not sure how it will interact with Reba's medications :?
Another remedy that works (I have tried it!) is to take a tomato, and mash it to a pulp and give Reba a teaspoon or two of the juice...has them going beautifully! :D
Why not call your vet.
Little Reba has had such a hard time already, I'd hate to see her have a bad reaction to something and have a relapse.
Kemo's mamma said:
PLAIN pumpkin works!

That's what I was going to say. :)
Just be careful. Vets usually give an enema for constipation but you probably don't want to do that. It's going to dehydrate her. Maybe try a little of what people suggested here. Or call your vet. You just want to be careful since she is so fragile right now.
Any kind of oil is helpful in curing constipation. Whenever my animals have gotten constipated, I just sprinkle a little olive oil over their food. Helps make for a shiny healthy coat, healthy arteries (olive oil is the best treatment for high cholesterol for peeps, too!!) and tastes good. As a side note, vaseline works too, just like when a cat has hairballs, dab a little vaseline on the nose -- helps erm....make things more slippery...good luck!
Reba seems to be back on track :D ... we're still normalizing after being so ill. She is doing great- she plays so stinking cute! I like the olive oil idea. I think her Nutrical helped her out- it has cod liver oil in it.
Good for Reba! I'm just so happy that she is getting over that dreadful Parvo! :D
I get happy everytime I read good news about little Reba! :D :D
I am happy that Reba is doing good... Glad that her Nutrical helped her.
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