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~What about these for a girl?~

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Thought I'd share these names!
I haven't got my wee girl yet, but hopefully she'll be a little fawn short haired girl and I'm wondering what you all think of these names.
They're very varied!

Bambi (yes, I know lol)

I like the sound of any of these names, but I particularly like Ellie, Bailey, Scarlett and Sylvie. Ahhh!! I like them all, I'll just have to get a chi for every name :wink:
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Ahhh! Those two names are among my top five!! :? :D

I'll probably know her name when I see her!
ilovesadie said:
Pixie and Blossom are my faves!
Yeh i go for those aswell! :D
aww I love meadow too - very unusual :D
cute names!

I like Scarlett ( i had mice called Scarlett and Ruby)

S xXx
I vote for Sylvie. It is cute and unique.
I really like Meadow, even my Dad liked it. (I don't ask my Mum's opinion on anything to do with my dog, she hates dogs :( )

Scarlett is nice too, Sylvie is from Sylvie Guillem the ballerina :)

Ahhh, too many choices! Must get more chi's haha!! :wink:
xx-nathalie-xx said:
i like scarlett :D

kisses nat
Me too :D but i hate Sylvie reminds me of an unkind aunt i had!
stil desperatley seeking female pup if any1 knows of any please help!
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