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What age is good to get your puppy?

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We are supposed to get Paris on June 25th. She will be 10 weeks old. I don't want to get her too early, although I am so ready for her to be here! She's already weaned as far as eating/drinking, but is still with her Mom and brothers and sister. She's also using the wee wee pads very well. YAY!!

Is 10 weeks a good age for them to leave their Mom and siblings? I know many leave before then, and some wait until they are 12 weeks old. I just want to do the right thing for Paris.

Thanks. :wave:
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The perfect age is 10 - 12 weeks so thats fine :D
I got baby at 4 weeks old...Her momma had milk fever and I was a pro at hand feeding puppies... :lol:

Ok, thanks. I feel better now. :wave:
my three got home at 12 weeks :wave:

kisses nat
Ozzy&Lily'sMom said:
The perfect age is 10 - 12 weeks so thats fine :D
totally agree :D
I got Minks at 10 weeks. Lovely age!!
I think 10 - 12 is right

Love n hugs
Sydney and Minka xXx
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