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Tobias was 2 1/2 years old when Krystal came along. But Tobias has his "big dogs" friends. Krystal was almost 6 months old and Priscilla arrived, they both are exactly the same age and get on like house on fire within an hour Priscilla arrived. They are bestest of friends. When both Krystal and Priscilla 10 months old. Bonnie arrived and the girls didn't bother about Bonnie at play time until at least weeks later. Bonnie was tiny while the 2 girls were almost in adult size. Beginning of last month, Harmonee arrived and now she is the one who is in charge of everything. The older girls / boy just let her get away with almost everything (so do the humans in the house).

All my dogs (7 including 2 Staffies) get on very well almost straight away from day one. I did feel a little guilt when I get another new puppy, but seeing everybody gets on so well, playing together and never fight for anything also convince me I have made the right decision when each new dog arrived. I am also lucky the younger ones like to follow the older ones, so to even make toilet training very well and fast.

PS I don't think I will have more Chi for at least a long time now, I feel the family is complete. I still have this aww factor when I see pictures of any puppies but I don't have that I want factor either.
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