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What color Chi catches your eye the most?

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I know we love ALL the colors and varieties of Chi's (that goes without saying :lol: ). But when you were looking to get a Chi, did you want a certain color...or are you attracted to certain colors?

When my husband and I decided to get a puppy, he let me decide on the color. I knew I wanted a pale cream/light fawn female. But, after seeing everyone's photos of their babies...I'd like one of each color variety now! :wink:

How about you?
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I love all of the colours but I do love the blue and tan and the chocolates alot :lol:
I love em all. But I am really fond of the brindle, Merle and black and whites :D
I'm especially attracted to the reddish ones, like Ritz. And no, Lily didn't make me write this. :lol:
i think i'm fond of the blues like skyler that i wanted to get :(, i also love a tri color long hair, black with a splash of white and i love the brindle on a smooth coat.... i also think chiwi has very nice coloring too, she is having a color change yet again lol mama's lil chameleon chi.
I like markings and colors that are not so common on chis,something unique,i also love the black and white ones :wave:
The one I totally fell in love with is Gadget's Dad Gizmo.... He is black and tan... I first fell in love with Gadget because he looked just like dad when he was born.. But I still love him to this day.. Actually I think I love him more today then when he was born....

I actually like unusual looking chihuahua... I like the solid black ones too...
black n white, grey/silver.........they are on my wish list but really arent all the colors? :D
My first one was chocolate and tan and of course Marcus is black and tan so obviously I like those but my other favorites are the pure white or cream and the whites with spots (like Lily, LOL) and I'm coming to like the Merles.
I just love 'em all. :lol: Seriously, guess I would have to say my favorites are the sable with black masks (obviously, since that is what Jasmine is) :lol: and the fawn or cream colors. But I also like the merles, and the black and tan smooth coats.

I really had no particular color in mind when I got Jasmine. I fell in love with her personality, and we just "clicked" together. When you really find "your perfect chi", I don't think the color matters, or whether it is long hair or smooth coat, deer head or apple head, tall and long legged or short and stocky. You just fall in love with that particular one - at least that's what happened with me!
My plan was to get a long hair, black and white.....then I met Bella who is a shorthair.....reddish fur with a pink nose and the little devil stole my heart on sight !
My plan was to get a 10-12 pound terrier with floppy ears and look what I brought home. :lol:
White and Tan like Porsha, is my fave however you can see everything in her coat she has to be bathed more often.
I LOVE the tri-color chi's, black, tan and white. :D

But they are ALL gorgeous!
I honestly can't say I have a favorite color. I think they are all adorable :D
cream long coat, fawn smooth coat, brown deer head smooth cost are my favorite......i guess i just have a preference for different combinations... 8)
Black and tan chihuahuas have always caught my eyes I love Black and tan chihuahuas. Id like to see More in the show rings.
I'm a big fan of reddish and white and fawn =)
well, i love em all, and i don't know what colour i'll end up with, i'm waiting to see what personalities there are, but i'm a real sucker for the white, tan & fawn-type colours, esp. the pinky-nosed ones! I think Sadie is adorable!

However, I also love Lily, Lina, Gadget, Chiwi etc etc!

Wonder if my b/f will let me have one in each colour?.....
I was first attracted to Seiah because of his colors. I thought it was rare how he had Rot markings, after joining this forum I realized how dead wrong I was. There are so many, but nevertheless I'm happy Seiah is mine. But for our next one we are specifically looking for a fawn color with white markings, and female. We are not breeding Seiah at all, actually he should be getting neutered soon. But yay we get to start looking for Seiahs new sister in 6 months!!!
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