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What constitutes a 'spoiled' Chihuahua?

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When approaching this issue seriously, it is hard to decide if one has crossed the line and is in fact spoiling one's chi. We have found, now going on three months with him, that Simcha is incredibly affectionate and loyal. There is a short period of time, a while after breakfast, his morning walk and some play time, when he is willing to go off by himself and take a nap. But the rest of his waking hours he is almost always looking for playtime and affection.

And, he can often be extremely demanding of attention. Needless to say, we usually give in to these demands, and almost never ignore him in an attempt to make him more 'independent.' I would like to think this does not constitute spoiling. For example, he expects to spend time cuddling with us on the upstairs sofa in the evening before his bedtime, which he spends alone in an enclosed porch. He makes it clear by his behavior at nighttime that this is a contractual obligation, and has learned the meaning of the phrase: "Let's go on the sofa." The phrase practically makes him go crazy, and we absolutely must fulfill the promise.

Is there a point at which acceding to very considerable demands for attention and affection creates a spoiled dog? It seems hard to be a casual chi owner.
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I'm pretty much on board with everyone else! If buying them nice, expensive, unecessary things is spoiling - then have fun! If spoiling is not teaching them the basics and good manners, then it is no okay! If you can afford to buy them really nice things and lots of them, why not! They give us so much in return!

But, I do believe they need to be taught good behaviors. I can cuddle with Angel all day, but I dont want him underfoot when i am trying to prepare dinner or trying to clean house. Mainly because they can get hurt!

I say - spoil away!! They do not have to go out and earn a living!! So, yeah they can be spoiled because they are going to depend on us forever, and we like it! lol
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