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What do you feed your Chi

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Hello everyone. I was just wondering what you feed your chi. What kind of dog food and why do you use that brand?

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There have been a lot of dicussions on the forum as to what food everyone uses and why they chose that particular brand. Use the 'search' button and you'll find several threads on this topic. :)

(I use Eukanuba Small Breed puppy formula-dry kibble).
I have tried every brand of premium dry dog food on the market.
Tequila just won't eat it .... sooooo, she's back to Purina Puppy Pouches.
At least I know she eating "something". :?
I use Eukanuba Small Breed puppy formula-dry kibble, too.
I feed cookie with purina puppy chow ( the breeder used this). And if i cooked at night, i will also cooked for him (veggie n the meat and rice).
he loves it very much.

I gave him cooked brocolli

gave him carrot, chicken n rice
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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