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What do your Chi's eat, except dog food?

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I'm just curious, what do your dogs really like to eat except for regular dog food?

Thanks :wave:
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I wish I had withheld all human food from Lily because first of all, it just isn't healthy for her and secondly, she is a real pain in the patootie about begging. However, I started giving her human food the day I adopted her so now I am stuck. She doesn't get a lot of it anymore, given her sensitivity to fat, but she does get a bit of cheese as a reward for letting me brush her teeth every day. Lily would sell her soul for cheese. :lol:

I also give her 99% fat free ground turkey and rice (cooked in homemade, fat free and salt free chicken broth) on weekend mornings only. It's kind of a long story why I do that but I guess I think it's okay. :)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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