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What do your Chi's eat, except dog food?

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I'm just curious, what do your dogs really like to eat except for regular dog food?

Thanks :wave:
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Mine love veggies...I give them brocoli, coliflower, green/red/yellow peppers, carrots and green beans They also like strawberries and peaches and plain yogurt. Sometimes they get some cheese, but that's very rare...they love seaweed ( i am giving that for the skin and coat)
They get them as treats in very small quantities and never when we are eating.
I've read the best way to feed your dog is in a raw diet, like beef cubes and veggies, but I feed them Wellness. Just switched from Eukanuba and they like it.

Never feed: chocolate, coffee, tea, anything with cafeine, fat trimmings, grapes and raisins, human vitamins or anything that contains too much iron, big amounts of liver, milk and dairy products, garlic, potatos, tomato leaves, raw eggs, raw fish, food that contains too much salt, peanuts, onions, baby food (it can contain onion powder), bones.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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