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What do your Chi's eat, except dog food?

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I'm just curious, what do your dogs really like to eat except for regular dog food?

Thanks :wave:
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Gee.... Gadget eats alot of things.. I make sure that he isn't begging when I feed him.. I also feed him his dinner when we are eating ours that stopped the begging before it got started.. I give him cauliflour, apples, cheese, bread(only the crest in very small pieces and never white bread), chicken, this summer we are going to do the water melon and see if he likes it.. it is mostly water so it is good for them...

I wil usually give him human food in moderation.. I never just give it him in large quanties..

His favorite is POPCORN!!!!!!!

he gets his peanut butter a nd his low fat cream cheese in his kong... Most of the tiime it is one little scoop with the knife.. so he isn't getting that much...

I have noticed he loves peanuts.. but he doesn't get them that often because I don't buy them but every so often because I eat too many of them if I had them around all the time..

I never give him anything that contains onions, garlic, chocolate or anything that is bad for him..

he also gets his doggie treats... mostly for tricks and good boy potty treats...

The funny thing is that if I don't notice he went potty where he was suppose to he wil stand there by his potty pad and look at me and if I don't notice then he will bark once at me then He wil look up at where his treat bowl is.. I know he is well trained huh? I think I will have to give him good boy potty treats for the rest of his life... hehehhehe
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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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